Not everything in Hawaii sucks

Jeff thinks I am being a little tough on Oahu. Jeff is a sweet natured person. Here are things about Oahu that have not sucked.

Hanauma bay Nature Preserve really is a lovely beach, one of the best best beaches I've ever visited. Besides the beautiful clear water in which Jeff actually saw a sea turtle, it has beach cats and singing old men for whom getting up at the crack of dawn to swim and then merrily taking a shower and calling out joyful greetings to the park staff is clearly a daily ritual.

The drive from the North Shore down to Windward Oahu is breathtaking. All ocean on one side of the road and all dark lush mountains with the tops disappearing into the clouds on the other.

The shaved ice we had at Waimea Valley Audubon Center was the best shaved ice ever. The pictures of the red flower above and the peacock in the previous post are also from the Audubon walk. So is the one below.
The birds here are very unusual and everywhere (which is a good thing).
Chocolate covered Macadamia nuts are a two dollars a box. I don't even want to talk about how many chocolate covered Macadamia nuts are being eaten by us.

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