In order of importance

1a. We have a new nephew on Jeff's side of the family. Luke was born on Wednesday! We haven't met him yet but I can only assume he will be as adorable and precocious as his sister Sawyer.

1b. Happy Birthday Heidi!! (Daughter of my sister Lisa. I have no clue how old she is. I do remember the day my sister brought her home from the hospital but that coulda been twenty five years ago. I'm getting to the age where I can remember when my now adult nieces were brought home from hospital. Scary.)

2.We have officially been in Honolulu for 4 and a half hours. So far I basically like it. After we checked into our hotel we walked off into Waikiki to look for food and found good Asian places in the alleys behind the Chilis and Starbucks. We bought some really good Japanese fish balls before we came upon a Korean barbecue hole in the wall. I asked Jeff if this was an acceptable dinner option.

"Okay," he says, "but I declare my intentions to not eat kim chee under any circumstances."

So we went in. The lady proprietor gave us a "Where'd you white folks wander in from?" look, but seated us and eventually asked what we wanted to eat. There were photographs to refer to. I got the basic beef barbecue. Jeff ordered thinly sliced pork and spicy chicken steaks.

"Okay!" said the lady cheerfully, "AND I bring you kim chee!"

Now we're about to collapse into bed but I leave you with a photograph of the baby who sat in front of us (and very quietly) on the five hour flight. We heard not a thing from him for hours but upon landing he decided to look back and flash us a smile.

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