Significantly less ugly chairs

Upon Jeff's foray into adult life his parents endowed him with two very heavy block wooden chairs from, I believe, their basement. It was an advantageous arrangement for both. Jeff needed furniture and his parents needed their house to be approximately eight thousand pounds lighter. The sturdy ugliness of these chairs has always been strangely appealing to me. They have so much character I've been tempted to name them. They've been in my life almost five years now, hauled at tremendous physical and financial expense first from the basement in Missouri to Jeff's house in Colorado, then continuing their westward migration across three states to California in our last move. This family has already invested so much in these chairs that they may be with us, on principle, until the very end. With that in mind we recently bought some new cushion covers that are slightly more modern than the chairs' initial earthtone woven stripe ones that were apparently attractive in the seventies (I'm guessing?) when everyone in the design business just lost their minds or stopped caring for a decade. The new covers were gotten from an online business that claims to make custom covers and the ones they sent us almost fit. We''re keeping them. Here are before and after pictures:

Less character, more dignity. Still very, very sturdy.

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