The cat alarm

Knick-Knack actually let me sleep five hours yesterday before he did his usual routine of getting as close to my face as possible and meowing with as much force as his little lungs could muster and then, his work done, sitting on Jeff's pillow looking terribly pleased with himself.

Our Fourth of July weekend consisted of a number of barbecues and hang outs and, finally, fireworks. People who take good pictures of fireworks must have special cameras and lots of skill because my pictures of fireworks always turn out like this:

We had a choice to go see fireworks in a scenic, fashionable setting at the harbor downtown which would have meant leaving an hour early, finding parking and walking many blocks. Our other choice was staying in Goleta and watching fireworks from lawn chairs in the Home Depot parking lot near the McDonald's. Which choice is more American, I ask you? Here's us getting ice cream at the McDonald's afterwards.

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