The answer is put on gloves

Not quite a year ago I missed a multiple choice question on an exam that went something like this: You walk into your patient's room and find him lying in a pool of blood. Do you first a) call for help b) assess for pulse and respiration c) find out where the blood is coming from d) put on gloves

The question is lame because in real life of course you do all of those things right away and all within several seconds. I don't remember what I put, but the answer was put on gloves. I was outraged that I missed it (and I believe outraged was precisely the word I used when I argued with the instructor about my grade) but you don't get a better grade for being outraged, nor do you get a better grade for being cute or for making threats or empty promises, so the instructor didn't change my grade.

However last night at work I walked into a patient's room and he was lying in a pool of blood. And while I did all the other things listed in the question, all within several seconds, the first thing that I did indeed do was put on gloves, though I didn't realize it until a moment later. I mention it only because I think for karma's sake I should probably acknowledge this out loud and I definitely can't acknowledge it to the nursing instructors because they already think they're hot shit and they don't need any reinforcement from me.

The patient, by the way, is fine. He had pulled out two IVs. He was a little confused and said this was the worst hotel he'd ever stayed in and that the lobster he ordered never came and who left all this blood here?

The picture you see is of my nurse Pez dispenser, a neat Christmas gift from my sister Lisa. I'm graduating this Christmas and I know people will be compelled to give me nurse oriented gifts, an idea that I wholly approve. But this is a general announcement. I have already have a nurse Pez dispenser.

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