Three beautiful girls and Marc

Actually, Marc's not bad, either. Today I got to see some of my favorite people, the Rueters! Marc is Jeff's cousin, Amy is his lovely wife and Anya and Eva are their well behaved yet extremely exuberant daughters. The girls, it turns out, are tremendous Star Wars fans, all six episodes in fact, and Anya LOVES Jar-Jar Binks. So maybe George Lucas was right when he said that Jar-Jar was a great character who belonged in the movies and those of us who hated him and hoped he would die a painful death in Episode III were bitter grown ups who just didn't get it. (I'm paraphrasing. He said something like that, anyway…)
The Rueters took me hiking, fed me delicious food, showed me the country side and kept up a steady stream of conversation for the whole afternoon. Eva (above) was my lovely seatmate for the driving. She's the princess. Anya (below) does karate, and is very creative. For instance, she told me an intricate story about the imaginary brother she adopted, which it apparently was her Christian duty to do because no one else wanted him.

The picture you see of Marc and Amy below was taken less than five seconds after Marc grabbed Amy's boob, reminding me of the really annoying lag on my camera between when I press the button and when it actually takes the picture. I hate that lag! Another Kodak moment lost…

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