Tetloffs of Tacoma

I find that all Tetloff people, dogs, cats and chickens in Tacoma are doing very well.

My mom currently resides in a nursing home here. It's a nice place full of staff that take very good care of her. My adorable dad and brother visit her every day. This is significant because I used to suspect that our family sort of sucked, but I must say they've really risen to the occasion in the last few years that my mom's health has been so bad.

When I got here last night Mom told me to visit from the airport even though she would probably be asleep. "Just wake me up for a few minutes and say hi," she said. Well, I went to see her at 9:30 last night and she was wide awake and quite talkative. I stayed an hour and then told her that I needed to go to the house and go to bed.

So, she's doing much, much better than the recent past, even walking down the hall, which she couldn't do before. But she has a cold this weekend so I can't spring her from the joint to take her out to dinner or anything because the cold has temporarily dampened her moxie.

The chickens are lovely and proliferative. However they saw through my attempts to sit in their coop quietly and blend in with their natural surroundings. They were suspicious. Clearly I was not a chicken. They would not peck at me in the friendly manner of their younger days nor would they sit on my lap. My brother Rusty swears I should try it again tomorrow in a red shirt and that somehow this will make all the difference. Seriously, how stupid are these chickens? Well, I'll tell you tomorrow.
Marty and Stephanie (my brother and sister in law) took me out to lunch at the Pine Cone Cafe. They are happy and as usual doing so much with their lives that it makes me feel like I'm doing nothing with mine.

I swung by the Metro Tacoma Fencing Club on South Tacoma way, which is the school Marty helped to found and still teaches at when he's not at his job in Dillingham, Alaska. But no classes on Friday afternoons so I couldn't get any action shots of him kicking ass.

This is Little Girl, devoted dog of Rusty. If I'm really, really nice to her, she will grudgingly let me sit on the couch. Otherwise, she owns that couch, baby.
Tomorrow I've been promised Point Defiance.

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