Happy summer beach lazy weekend pictures

Our beach is turning brown, meaning summer is finally here! Around late June the drunk teenagers abandon the university, go home to their parents and leave me the beach all to myself.Someday I'm gonna find out who this grave/memorial actually belongs to…

In addition to the grand celtic graves and flowers our beach has some charming grafitti, always perpetrated upon the same crumbling stone beach shack. The grafitti changes every few months, so I make it a point to swing by there to make sure I don't miss anything new. This first image may be an artistic defense of a recently persecuted blond person (Britney Spears?), but I reiterate that I'm not good with art.

This is clearly an homage to Silence of the Lambs…
We had a glorious weekend at home hanging out with Max and Danielle and Joel and watching Prison Break on DVD. Jeff is editing some chapters of a new cognitive development textbook. The book is making him very angry, which gives him the opportunity to write long paragraphs telling the authors that they are stupid-heads. He loves that. But the cats are doing whatever they can to save him from the evil book, up to and including lying on top of it so he can't get to it.

And Jayne goes back to work tonight, sigh….

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