I almost love New York

Jeff and I were walking past a crap store near Times Square that sold "I Love New York" T-shirts and he asked me if I needed one. I realized that would be entirely too strong of a statement because the truth is I really, really like New York, but I have reservations. Jeff doubted we could ever find a "I'm Hedging My Bets About New York" T-shirt so here I am back on my couch in California, T-shirtless.

But we had a great trip, with lots of pleasant family togetherness and tons of walking around the city doing cool stuff. I love the Metropolitan Museum of Art!! We budgeted waaay too little time there. Next time I'm devoting an entire day. The nineteenth century European paintings kicked my ass. Everywhere I looked I saw a painting I recognized, and I'm not even an art person. Here is a picture of us in front of the temple. And notice the picture of Jeff in front of a band of armored men on horse back. I tried to get him to look like he was running away, but he would have none of it.

This is also the last of the adorable niece pictures. On Jeff's birthday we took her to the Central Park Zoo, ran around with her and fed her ice cream without telling her mom. On our way out of the park she said she was ready for a taxi. She is really, really good at yelling for taxis. People standing next to us on the sidewalk looked up in genuine surprise to hear such a robust yell coming from such a little girl.

Now after many hours of particularly crappy flights and way too much bad airline wine on my part, we are home. Nothing beats home.

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