The town hits back

We spent the day with Jeff's parents and his freakishly adorable niece Sawyer, who remains stubbornly sweet, affectionate and well adjusted despite being endowed with more possessions than any human being on the planet (much less a three year old Manhattanite) has any right to own AND being uncontrollably loved and attended to by a very large throng of people, both paid and volunteers. She turns Jeff into a puddle of goo.
I believe he has found a place in her heart at least partly because he loves to carry her around the city and she loves being carried by him, although she slyly manages to make him think it's all his idea. Here is a picture of them along with Marlo-Mom The Best Mother In Law Ever. Beneath that is Jeff's dad (Bob-dad The Best Father In Law Ever, of course. And incidentally a pretty good estimation of what Jeff will look like in thirty years. Later in the summer I promise a picture of his front…)This is me being a face in "The Crowd" somewhere on 54th Street.And here is us in Times Square, someplace I've strangely managed to not visit during my previous trips to New York. This photo was taken by a Russian tourist. ("How do you say 'Hold the button down' in Russian?")

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