Live from Philadelphia

We got here last night and even managed to do some sightseeing before it decided to flood rain of Noah proportions upon us. (So far no voices telling me to build a big boat.) For the first couple of hours Jeff and I crowded under the one umbrella he had the foresight to bring but after a while we decided to save our marriage and buy a second one. I thought June was hot and sunny everywhere but Santa Barbara. Who knew?

We also managed to make it across town to Geno's. I had been assured by Jeff's sister in law Kimberly, a native of these parts, that this was a wise choice and that I could order a cheese steak with cheese whiz or Provolone. I'm a fake-cheese-out-of-a-can kinda girl but en route the cab driver agreed with Kimberly that Provolone was the way to go, so that's the way I went. It was yummy, but whoa, this city is dangerous for the food it serves. Between the meat and cheese sandwiches and the calzones, I'd probably be dead in a month if I lived here.

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