Profane Reflections on the Sacred

For anyone who wants to know what's in the Bible but can't read more than a page or two without falling into a boredom induced coma (fellow lapsed Catholics, I'm talking to you) may I recommend David Plotz's highly amusing summary "Blogging the Bible"on Slate. I'm still convinced the Old Testament has no real life lessons for the modern reader beyond "Don't kill your brother," which most of us knew. And frankly I'm not sure that building a big boat because a voice told you to is such a hot idea. Most of the times I have followed the orders of such voices I have later regretted it. But while the actual Old Testament may not be worth reading, Plotz's re-telling is.

Jeff brought me flowers and Indian food last night even though he was not in trouble and not trying to get laid (so he said…) and although the deliciousness of the chicken masala is gone the flowers are still lovely today.

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