That sofa problem has been handled

I never knew furniture could make me this happy.
Well, perhaps I suspected. But since I reject materialism, mostly because I can't compete, I never considered the concept of furniture as anything but a place to put my ass.
I realize now it can be much, much more. Ladies and gentleman, I give you our new couch.
To give you some sense of scale, Jeff is 6'3. This is a massive couch. We had to remove our dining room table from our little rent controlled living room in order for the couch to fit. But you know what? Fuck the dining room table because in this house we eat on the couch in front of the TV. We take our lying around very seriously here. Note the couch's accompanying cherry wood coffee table, the first actually wooden piece of furniture ever bought in the history of our marriage.

Jeff also got a new desk this week. His old desk was a beloved series of objects he's cobbled together and used relentlessly since college which was, well, a while ago. The monitor was propped up on beer bottles. I always admired his ingenuity in this. The beer bottles he used do not reflect his brand loyalty as he is strictly a Bud Light guy.
The new desk, clutter free, the clutter and media having been reassembled into a variety of facilitating shelves and holders not pictured:
Perhaps it lacks a certain charm the old desk had, but I gladly exchange charm for comfort and function. Our living room looks so much nicer now. One more step towards adulthood/death!

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