Procrastinations and other small pleasures

Someone got a new camera phone! Okay, it was me. I'm not so good with our camera because it has waaaay too many buttons for me. Lots of options are good when you're a motivated and skilled photographer but if all you're really trying to do is not take a picture of your thumb then the camera phone is your true visual medium. Already I got this soulful shot of Knick-Knack the Newly Renamed Kitten.
Then in order to capture a true image of Jeff and Phoebe in their usual posture I engaged Jeff in a conversation and attempted to get a candid shot of him while we spoke. Unfortunately it turned out he was trying to tell me he is going to Ikea in L.A. without me on Monday to buy a new desk and why. I failed to hear a word, my photography endeavors taking my every fiber of concentration and so an hour later when he referenced said trip to L.A. I got into this big huff about him going off to Ikea without discussing it and we had one of those conversations where Jeff has to very patiently explain to me why I'm insane.

Finally a somewhat German Expressionist photo of birds on our beach today. Lately any photo taken on our beach is a German Expressionist photo because we are having the most depressing spring ever.

Obviously, I'm supposed to be studying. My last test of the semester is Monday and my motivation has entirely evaporated. I was going to start studying Tuesday night before I suddenly had to go to Sharkeez and have two Big Lush mai-tais. Been that kind of a week.

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