Decent Tetloff Photos

Lord knows we are not the most photogenic of people.

When I was a kid it used to annoy the crap out of me when people had outdated photos of themselves displayed in prominent places. I completely failed to appreciate that someone might have looked better five years ago. Then of course I was not the most sentimental of children either.

It's a sure sign that I'm growing definitively, irreversibly older that I'm starting to prefer these ancient photos to current ones. Who cares how we look now?

Of course, with the possible exception of Dad, who has never to my knowledge taken a bad picture, (See above, giving a toddler alcohol and looking adorable doing it…) those who have fared better among us in photogenic quality have been the siblings who inherited the more Morningstar genes. Smaller noses, less wonky mouths, better cheekbones. Not that the Tetloff gene bearers (and I am undeniably one of them) don't have their own panache but somehow it fails to come across on film. Part of our special ethereal uniqueness.

(Marty on the left looking photogenic and Morningstar-ish, Rusty on the right looking wonky yet ethereal. Who's more fabulous? Well, you'd have to see them in hand to hand combat to be really sure.)

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