Stop the ride

Life has been crazy and we have not caught up. That’s all I got.


Maria had a school dance party last Friday night and had, like, the most fun ever.

And then had her piano recital the next day.

(That’s piano teacher Miss Dr. Emily.)

On Sunday we rode our bikes around downtown Norfolk (varying amounts of stressful and fun), and ended up at JohnnyRockets and Tom’s new favorite place: the Apple Store!


A Week of Maria

The kid had a week!

First, she made orange belt in taekwondo!

The headband must always match.

AND THEN, she had a piano recital tonight. Her song was significantly less spooky this year, but the studio was decorated spookier than ever.

With piano teacher Dr. MIss Emily

She’s, like, totally a little person with hobbies! Watching people grow up is trippy.


Tom’s Rituals

Big changes have been afoot. I went back to work full time, which has been an adjustment for me, obviously, but a bigger adjustment for the kids, especially Tom. His school day is shorter than Maria’s. So, before the job, our routine was that I took him to school each day and the doggie and I picked him up and we’d pass the time until Maria came home. We might have taken the dog for a walk or gone to Petsmart or Starbucks, or played some video games, or gone to watch some lights flash.

Really. He was obsessed with catching the exact moment the school zone lights started to flash at Maria’s school, so, for a while there, we’d ride our bikes over to the sign and hang out until they turned on.

Now, he rides the bus home from school Monday-Thursday and comes home to a staid but very dependable babysitter named Arlene. It’s been a few weeks and this seems to be working out. Jeff gets home around 4:30 and takes over, and I am home around 5:30.

On Friday afternoons, I rush home early no matter how behind I inevitably am, pick up the doggie, and pick up Tom. The last three Fridays, he has wanted to take Subaru for a walk at City Center in Newport News. We must always park in a garage, and he picks whatever garage he feels like seeing that day, so we can ride the elevators and check out the views.

We then walk Subaru around the fountains and stop for ice cream.

Always vanilla, with rainbow sprinkles.

Also back in our lives on Friday nights: skating!

The job itself is fine. It’s a totally pleasant environment, and I still get to take Tom to school. The commute to Williamsburg is not bad. I am getting used to the doctor. Doesn’t leave me with much of a life afterwards, but it ain’t like I was doing anything spectacular with it anyway?